Fee Schedule Guidelines

Call to ask about our typical fees for:


  • FINANCIAL ADVISORY budget $300/hr to start
  • PERSONAL ADVISORY budget $300/hr to start
  • WEALTH ADVISORY, contact us to discuss
  • BOOKKEEPING $65/hr to start and up (offered on an “exception” basis)
    If you do not see it on the list, call us anyways; we may still be of help to you.

We can give you a firm quote once we’ve seen your prior year’s returns/statements.

Our billing policy for our clients:

business statementsWe quote in advance  as much as we can before any work is started – two exceptions are deceased taxpayer returns and any engagement involving negotiations (sale of a business, partnership break-up, divorce proceedings).

If you have a question about your situation, feel free to call any time.  There is no charge for a brief enquiry.  If you have any question about any matter we have already discussed, there is no charge; so please feel free to call me any time.  If the query would involve more work and require additional billing, I will get your permission in advance before I proceed. Otherwise, there will be no further charge.  I want to encourage you to call your accountant without worrying about the fee.  No question is too small.  We are here to help you.

Our payment policy:

Invoices are due upon receipt. We accept cash, cheque, Interac e transfer, VISA, MC, AMEX. If not paid within 30 days of the date of this invoice then interest charges of 1.5% per month (19.56% per annum) will be charged from the date of the invoice.  All fees are subject to HST.

BUSINESS NUMBER #122310980 (held proudly since 1991) – to verify, please go to the Canada Revenue Agency website to verify the number.  My business name is TED POLLOCK.  You can type in January 1 1991 or any date beyond.

Call us any time to ask about our fees at 705-241-7683.  We are actively growing our practice and would love to talk to you.