We provide tax, accounting, personal and financial advisory services to individuals, small businesses and corporations.

In our professional development, we focus on real estate and wealth management.

If you are someone who has:

  1. A small business
  2. A corporation – operating business or holding company (or both)
  3. You own more real estate than just your home
  4. You have an investment portfolio

Then we want to talk to you about becoming your accountant.
We provide a clear fee structure.

When you work with us, you know who you are talking to. The same people handle your file every time.

Wealth Management Services

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Ted’s One Minute Money Tips

Ted Pollock has been an integral part of my business and personal success, as my accountant, for over 25 years. His wisdom and leadership has helped to guide me through everything from selling and buying a business, business incorporation, investing, and a multitude of accounting and tax issues. In spite of a considerable geographic distance between us, Ted has always made himself available when needed. I strongly endorse Ted Pollock’s accounting skills and personal commitment to his clients’ success.

J. Gordon Hall